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The new beta version of Spotify runs natively on Arm64-based Windows computers

Spotify is the latest major application to support Arm64-based Windows computers with the release of a native Arm version of its desktop application, as noted by Reddit user Matze19999. Although only available in beta at this time, an application compiled to run natively on Arm64 processors, such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx, is bound to run much faster and smoother than the existing version.

Performance has been one of the biggest problems with Arm64-based Windows PCs since they debuted, and not because the processors themselves are necessarily slow. Windows has been built around x86 architecture for years, and Arm64 processors can only run x86 applications by emulation, resulting in less than stellar performance. Over the years, several applications for Arm64 have been compiled, but many are still missing.

Spotify is probably one of the biggest names that has started dealing with Arm64 Windows devices, such as its own Microsoft Surface Pro X. The current version is only available in beta and that means there will definitely be some issues. Specifically, Spotify says you may not be able to play certain video podcasts, but for now, you can fix this by using the Share button to copy a link to the episode and watch it on the web.

If you’re already running Spotify, you’ll need to delete the current version of the application on your computer before installing Arm64. If you’re ready to make the switch, you can download the Spotify beta here.

It’s been a few years since Microsoft brought Windows 10 to Arm processors, and the ecosystem hasn’t grown as fast as one might expect. However, it seems that Microsoft is finally taking it seriously, as just last week it announced some important news for the development of Arm, including a complete native Arm tool chain and Project Volterra, a new system for developing and testing applications for devices. Arm64 Windows. Hopefully that means we’ll see a lot more Arm64-ported apps in the coming months.

Source: Spotify Community
Via: Matze19999 (Reddit)

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