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The next generation of Apple CarPlay will power your entire car

Apple takes CarPlay to a whole new level with a huge announcement at WWDC 2022. In what it called a “primary”, Apple introduced a whole new generation of CarPlay, which extends beyond infotainment and becomes the entire interface of the car, from an indicator. group screen at the central stack and including each function of the machine.

Apple CarPlay interface

This announcement picks up on a huge trend in the automotive industry as cars move away from physical switches and dedicated indicators, opting instead to use a giant screen - or more separate screens - to display information.

This is also an image over the hood of Google, which has already made the leap from the Android Auto interface connected to the phone to Android. cars, which is a whole machine operating system. Android Automotive actually provides a good roadmap for how this could work for Apple.

Apple said that this new interface will be displayed in real vehicles with a variety of partners by the end of 2023; Until then, we’ll just salivate over these demonstrations.

It’s also easy to let our minds wander quickly to the long-rumored Apple machine and what this interface might tell us about the expected experience if Apple ever made its own.

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