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The Polygon MATIC community loves Bitgert for its growth


Here are some interesting facts about Bitgert that appeal to the Polygon Matic community

Key points:

  • Bitgert’s fast-growing ecosystem attracts a lot of investors, not just Polygon Matic
  • The Bitgert The team has just started developing the V2 roadmap, which attracts the Polygon Matic community
  • There are many Bitgert evolutions that change the game

The Polygon Matic community loves Bitgert (BRISE), which is evident from the large number of Polygon Matic members who join the coin. The massive growth that Bitgert has posted in the last 9 months is what attracts Polygon Matic and thousands of investors from other major currencies.

The growing attraction that Bitgert enjoys is due to the developments that the project has made in this short time. In fact, Bitgert was one of the few cryptocurrencies that managed to see huge growth during the bear market. Here are some interesting facts about Bitgert that appeal to the Polygon Matic community:

Rapidly growing ecosystem

The biggest reason Bitgert is drawing attention to Polygon Matic is the fast-growing ecosystem. A look at the Bitgert project shows that the team delivered the first roadmap plus all the products. In fact, the team has launched more products and projects than any crypto project since 2021. Major products include Bitgert BRC20, which is its own blockchain. The Bitgert team has started work on the V2 roadmap, which has several products that will be built in no time. Therefore, it will remain the fastest growing and fastest growing ecosystem than Polygon Matic.

Zero gas charge BRC20 Chain

The Bitgert project attracted a lot of Polygon Matic owners because of its gas-free blockchain. BRC20 is the only gas-free chain with the highest efficiency in the crypto industry. The Bitgert chain accepts 100,000 transactions every second. The fact that the BRC20 is an EVM blockchain also attracts a lot from the Polygon Matic community.

Projects supported by Bitgert

The Polygon Matic community has been drawn to Bitgert Startup Studio projects, which the Bitgert team promises will be over 1,000 in the next 12 months. About 30 projects have already been launched and offer investors good returns. There will be more Bitgert projects coming soon.

Stable cryptographic bridge (USDT / USDC).

One of the recent developments in Bitgert that has attracted a lot of investors, not just the Polygon Matic community, is the launch of the stable crypto bridge. The bridge will allow users to change USDT / USDC from Bitgert-supported networks.

These are some of the growths and developments that have kept Bitgert currency optimistic even in bear markets. These are the reasons why Polygon Matic and many other crypto communities love Bitgert.

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