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The steam engines of the 1950s switch to Train Sim World 2 on PS5, PS4


Driving modern high-speed trains in urban and rural areas is fun, but rail enthusiasts have called for a few more classic train rides in Train Sim World 2. Swallowtail has always had the ambition to do so, but noted that it has need a little. time to get the correct simulation. Now its first attempt has arrived on PS5 and PS4, with the expansion of Spirit of Steam.

The supplement takes players back to the 1950s, on the historic line between Liverpool and Crewe. “Immersed in the steamy era of the British Railways, take control of the famous LMS Jubilee Class locomotive, shining in the nostalgic BR Brunswick Green livery, adorned with the late BR coat of arms,” ​​the press release reads.

You will also be able to control the LMS Stanier 8F Class locomotive, with “its robust BR Late Black shape and 2-8-0 wheel configuration, more suitable for transporting heavy and low-speed freight trains”.

Obviously, these are steam trains, you will have a lot to learn: “Master the art of steam simulation; the hearth and boiler create the ultimate balance to keep these machines alive and strong. Accept the challenge of the 1950s: without modern comfort to rely on, the only security system is your intelligence. Learn the finesse and pace of each locomotive to determine your speed and schedule. ”

We imagine that these will be quite difficult to pick up, but should provide a fresh experience for Train Sim World 2 fans. According to Dovetail, all the scenery and stations on the 36-mile route are historically accurate. which we think is fantastic. You can get a taste by the kindness of the trailer built above.

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