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The Stray cat game gets a release date this summer

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wandering, The indie game, which features a cat in a world of robots, has been released on July 19 and will be available for free download to anyone who subscribes to either PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium. The news comes from today’s PlayStation State of Play event.

Originally unveiled during the 2020 PlayStation Future of Gaming event, wandering it was known that it would not come until the summer of 2022. A new trailer for the game gave it a firmer release date. The game is now scheduled to launch on July 19, confirming recent leaks. It will be available for both PS4 and PS5, although no price has been set yet.

The new trailer showed more about the cat exploring, solving puzzles and interacting with the robotic citizens that populate the game world. I saw some new environments, such as a canal and an underground tree house, but otherwise there weren’t many new ones.

This is probably the last time we’ll see wandering before the final release in July, which leaves many of the game’s mysteries still open to unravel. All we really know is that we are playing like a cat trying to escape from a city and return to their family.

Annapurna Interactive has already made a name for itself as a game publisher lately, but for many, wandering it is his most interesting project on the horizon. Now we know it won’t take long to see what we have in store for this feline adventure game.

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