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This week’s current situation is part of the Summer Game Fest, it seems

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Sony has released a new teaser for this week Game condition, which will be broadcast on Thursday, but don’t get too excited. The teaser mentioned doesn’t suggest certain games or anything else - it’s just a reminder of the social network.

However, it presents a potentially interesting detail. A logo at the top left of the video confirms that this game state will be part of it Summer Game Fest.

Geoff Keighley’s game bonanza can be a little weird at times. The event has its own showcase - Summer Game Fest Live - which is like a more traditional press conference, full of announcements and trailers. But Summer Game Fest itself is spread across … well, summer and includes various online feeds and events supported by publishers. This future state of play is part of that.

So does this knowledge really change anything? Not really, but you could argue that being part of the Summer Game Fest raises expectations for the Sony show. Also suggests that Sony will not play a big role in the Summer Game Fest Live, mentioned above, but that could be the weapon.

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