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Uncharted 4 almost had a resistance bar

Uncharted 4 was the culmination of one of the most iconic video game franchises. The developers of Naughty Dog have managed to include a fantastic story, fun mechanics and technological improvements in the game, which made it a remarkable title for PlayStation 4. Now, fans of the game have taken a brief look behind the curtain of its development, revealing that at one point, Uncharted 4 would have a resistance bar for Nathan Drake’s climb.

The information comes from game co-writer Josh Scherr, who appeared on the Couch Soup YouTube channel to play the game and talk about its development. The video itself covers a lot of ground, including Scherr’s over-20-year career with Naughty Dog, but eventually moved to the development of Uncharted 4 itself. Scherr then revealed that during many of the game’s previous prototypes, players had to deal with a resistance bar whenever Nathan Drake climbed into Uncharted 4.

He said the mechanic was introduced to the game to try and add a level of challenge to the mountaineering sections of the game. However, it was eventually abandoned because the development team felt it was hampering their mix of platforms and gameplay. In particular, he said that it is too much to be careful when the player had to focus on shooting at enemies, running away from them and navigating the map at once.

The video goes through many other topics and is a very interesting look at the development of one of the biggest gaming franchises. So if you want to check out the entire chat, feel free to do so below:

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