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Where was Love Under The Lemon Tree filmed? Full cast, intrigue

Love Under the Lemon Tree is a romantic family comedy film directed by John Murlowski, written by Kayley Loveridge and Bobbie Pietersen and produced by Maple Island Films. She plays Maddison Bullock and Anthony Coons in the characteristic roles of Beck and Joshua, who met on a sunny and serene island, where a prestigious photography contest is about to take place.

Beautiful locations and resorts look great, but where did the filming take place? Let’s find out the exact locations of the filming. In addition, will we also find an easy way to get there? The film premieres on UP TV since its official release on May 29, 2022.

Where was Love Under the Lemon Tree filmed?

Love Under the Lemon Tree was filmed inside Santa Catalina Islands, Los Angeles Country, California. Filming ended in April 2022 at the same location. There are two main population centers, one is Avalon, while the other is the unincorporated village of Two Harbors. Most of Catalina’s resorts and population are in the city of Avalon, so all the filming took place in and around the city of Avalon. The hotel where Beck comes to stay is Glenmore Plaza Hotel located at 118 Summer Ave, Avalon. Edgewater is another resort that appears in the movie.

Filming locations Love Under the lemon tree

Avalon is the only city built on the Catalina Islands and is the southernmost city in Los Angeles. The place is famous for its tourist community and its resorts surrounded by small towns, where two to three storey buildings are built in traditional architecture. Even though the resorts are the center of attention of the spectators, the real attraction is the area of ​​the sea and the village of the natives who carry the history of their ancestors from the past.

LA is a fairly famous filming location and is known for filming Stranger Things Season 4, Jackass 4.5, Gully, Essex of Serpent, Bosch Legacy, Cheaper By The Dozen, Top Gun Maverick etc.

Love Cast Under Lemon Tree

  • Maddison Bullock as Beck
  • Anthony Coons as Joshua
  • Michael Scovotti ca Ash
  • Casey O’Keefe


When aspiring photographer Beck (Maddison Bullock) decides to go to a prestigious photography contest, she meets a handsome lemon farm owner, Joshua (Anthony Coons), who helps her discover the city’s hidden gems. The story begins slowly, but as Joshua introduces Beck to the natives, they both begin to develop feelings for each other. Beck and Joshua’s relationship is bittersweet and charming, but how far will they go? To get the answer, you need to watch the movie which is now premiering on UPtv.

Release date Love Under The Lemon Tree

The film is scheduled for release on May 29 at 7:00 PM EDT. If you missed the premiere, then the film is scheduled to be released on Sunday, June 4, 2022, at 19:00 EDT, on UPTV in the United States.

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