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Who is Daniel Humm as Demi Moore kisses him at the French Open

Daniel Humm, the lover of Demi Moore’s chef, shares a kiss in public.

cook and Make It Nice restaurant owner Daniel Humm seemed to be having fun with their girlfriend, actress Demi Moore.

It is not at all surprising to see the couple kissing after they declared their relationship in April, however it was nice. The couple has always been seen as a charming couple who make time for each other, despite their hectic schedules.

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Daniel Humm’s cuisine emphasizes simplicity, purity and seasonal flavors, with an increasing emphasis on ingredients from local sources. Eleven Madison Park [his restaurant] was named 50 best restaurants in the world in 2017.

If you didn’t know he was actually an executive chef there and then he bought the restaurant. It’s a pretty big move. Well, do you want to know when and where this adorable kiss took place? Then, right below, I’ve gathered all the information you need to know.

Daniel Moore kisses his girlfriend Demi Moore at the French Open

Okay, adorable. On Sunday, June 5, the couple visited the French Open at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France. A wonderful place. There were many photos taken of the couple, one of which showed Daniel and Demi sharing a passionate kiss.

And the other one showed Daniel kissing Demi on the forehead. In fact, it’s pretty cute. A lucky kiss on the forehead. Demi Moore was seen enjoying the game of tennis while hugging her bow and a cute puppy.

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In the stands, the actress crouched down and held hands with her beloved rumor, who was armed with a PDA. Demi looked absolutely stunning in a wide black shirt and dark trousers. Which he combined with a playful flash of color in the form of an endless pink paisley scarf with mixed colors.

The actress added more style to her outfit with a strange white mustard sportswear mixed with the cyan color with refined stitching. While watching the match between Raphael Nadal and Casper, the fresh ghost actress wore a simple pair of aviators.

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Daniel shook up a light sporty atmosphere (well, obviously when they went to a game) with a blue periwinkle suit worn over a plain white T-shirt, along with a navy baseball cap.

As I said, Demi also held on to a small dog nestled in her arms, which made the moment nicer and more comfortable for the couple to secretly share a nice kiss.

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The couple announced their relationship in April

Let’s talk about their relationship. It comes after it was revealed in April that Demi had been secretly meeting the chef and owner of the Swiss restaurant for several months.

The wonderful relationship was revealed just one day after Demi’s ex-husband, Bruce Willis, announced his retirement from acting after being diagnosed with Aphasia (a condition caused by brain damage that limits one’s ability to speak, writes and interpret the language).

It is said that the actress found her soul mate with her new boyfriend, who is 13 years younger than her, while helping her ex-husband with health problems.

A source told the press about the actress who blossomed a new love: “They are very hot and heavy at the moment”.

Later, the source added: “Daniel works long hours at his 11 Madison Park restaurant. But still, it often takes time for Demi to join the romantic dinners there. ”

In recent months, the couple has been seen participating in the Chloe Women’s Wear Fall Winter 2022, alongside Maria Sharapova and Gugu in Bartholor in Pairs, France.

Their love is a living example that, if there is understanding and love between two partners, age is really a number.

What do you think about the couple’s kissing scene? Do you think they will take their relationship to the next level? Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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