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Will Pope Francis retire this year? Explored rumors

It is rumored that the Bishop of Rome and the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis he may retire after announcing that he will be attending a party in L’Aquila, central Italy, this year.

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This kind of rumor is not new in the Italian press, because the Vatican makes headlines almost daily about Pope’s retirement. There has been speculation again that Pope Francis may resign.

When Pope Benedict XVI abruptly resigned in 2013, it was a shock to the world to see popes die while they were still heads of the Catholic Church.

The world will soon witness another resignation of Pope Francis, we will try to know in our article today.

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Will Pope give up?


Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, was elected nine years ago to replace Benedict XVI. His appointment as pope was a breath of fresh air for the Vatican and many others.

However, his recent colon surgeries and the mobility challenges Pope is facing make Vatican experts wonder if the Pope is about to give up.

Christopher Bellitto, a church historian at Kean University in Union, New Jersey, said: “In 2014, flying home from South Korea, Francis said Benedict’s resignation opened a door for regular resignations. of things and not a way out. -a regular event. “

He added: “The last papal resignation was about 600 years ago. If it becomes standard for every future pope to resign, who can say? ”

The significance of the journey

The trip to L’Aquila, in central Italy, is scheduled for August 28 this year, to begin the “Feast of Forgiveness.” The tradition was inaugurated by Pope Celestine V more than seven centuries ago, who resigned in 1294 AD.


Robert Mickens, editor of La Croix, a Catholic daily in Rome, said: “It’s very strange to have a council in August, there’s no reason why you should call it that. [event] three months before and then I go to L’Aquila in the middle of it ”.

Robert posted on Twitter: “With today’s news that @Pontifex will go to L’Aquila right in the middle of the council in August, everything has become even more intriguing …”

Pope Francis is set to appoint 21 new cardinals who will be qualified to vote for the future of the papacy after his resignation. They will share the pope’s opinion on his successor.

The current Archbishop of L’Aquila, Cardinal Giuseppe Petrocchi, opined that no pope has traveled to L’Aquila since then to close the annual celebration.

He confirmed in a statement: “We hope that all people, especially those affected by internal conflicts and divisions, will (come) and find the path of solidarity and peace.”

Is there a retirement age for Pope?

According to the canon law of the Roman Catholic Church, resignation is possible because the popes are allowed to relinquish the role of their own will.


However, many popes usually die while in office because they fear that such a precedent could lead to their resignation in the future, under pressure due to prevailing circumstances.

Another important reason why popes have not resigned often in history is that their role is symbolically similar to the vicars of Jesus Christ on Earth. While the retirement age for bishops is 75, popes do not have a retirement age as such.

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