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ZeroKey Quantum RTLS allows inside placement with millimeter accuracy

ZeroKey’s Quantum RTLS is a 3D real-time location (RTLS) system for millimeter accuracy, designed for real-time monitoring of assets and people, to optimize workflows in the manufacturing, supply chain and logistics industries.

The company claims that, with time and location data, the solution delivers “the highest level of accuracy and analysis actionable through its Space Intelligence Platform, providing customers with 4D operational intelligence that truly fulfills its Industry 4.0 promise” and “Quantum RTLS hyper-accuracy it empowers companies to solve problems that have never been solved before in industrial environments ”.

Zerokey Quantum RTLS anchor tracking device
Quantum RTLS anchor and traceable device

Quantum RTLS works with PoE anchors placed in fixed locations and traceable devices attached to mobile assets. It’s very similar to FiRa UWB, except with more precision, but at no point does ZeroKey talk about Ultra Wide Band on their website, and instead the technology is based on ultrasound, and the communication between the gateway and the nodes is based on 2.4 GHz. ISM.

Key features and key benefits of Quantum RTLS technology include:

  • Millimeter accuracy
  • Real-time 3D tracking
  • Operational visibility on a globally accessible platform
  • Analysis and digitization of physical processes
  • Multi-storey / multi-room / multi-building scalability
  • Fast implementations with patented self-calibration technology
  • Open the API for easy integration of third-party platforms

Placement of Zerokey Anchors mobile nodes

If the illustration above meets the requirements of real-life settings, you may need four anchors to track your devices, and the distance will determine the level of accuracy. For example, the clock of the operator on the right can be tracked with millimeter accuracy thanks to the four anchors attached to his workstation, while the forklift is tracked with four anchors on the roof and I suspect with an accuracy of centimeters.

ZeroKey space intelligence platform
Space intelligence platform

Spatial Intelligence Platform cloud-based software allows customers to monitor devices in the form of a list, on a map, and even in real-time 3D renderings of the workspace (s). It is also possible to create virtual zones to prevent collisions, reduce blockages, monitor dangerous areas, and so on.

Quantum RTLS will be available on June 30, 2022, and the company will provide a pilot kit / starter kit) for evaluation with 6 QTM-UAR10 universal anchor nodes, 2 QTM-UMR10 universal mobile nodes and a QTM-AGP10 gateway with accessories ( for example, power supply), good for covering an area of ​​up to 400 m2, including access to RTLS Management Software and developer access to the Space Intelligence Platform. More details can be found on the company’s website.

ZeroKey Pilot Kit

Thanks to TLS for the tip.

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